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Performance Date: Unknown date, around 1988
Venue: Manchester, England
Quality: B
Length: 28sec
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
3cdThe Burnage Years (Bayswater bw-19/20/21/22/23)

Digital Sources
digitalHave Fun!!! [MP3 clip]
digitalITN B-Roll

    noels lyrics to Have Fun Original Tracklisting:
  1. Womb to Tomb
  2. Baj
  3. I Am The Man
  4. England
  5. I Didn't Think So
  6. What's It Got to Do With You
  7. No Cause for Alarm
  8. Have Fun!!
    ITN B-Roll: [3:17]
  1. No Cause For Alarm [0:20]
    MP3 Clips:
  1. Have Fun!!! [0:28]
The Burnage Years
    The Burnage Years:
  1. Have Fun!! [0:33]


This first demo tape, containing eight tracks believed to have been recorded by Noel sometime in 1988, was put up for auction at Christies in London on the 30th April 1998, but failed to sell as the highest bid of £3,400 was below the reserve price. It was apparently sold privately at a later date.

"Womb to Tom", "Baj", "I Am The Man" and "England" have never surfaced, but the last four tracks appear on the Noel's Songs tape.

"No Cause For Alarm" was previewed in ITN B-roll that was shot prior/during the auction. The tape is played during the clip and 20 seconds of the song is looped over some of the footage, including the original lyrics that were also being auctioned at the time.

The NME reviewed the tape at the time here, and you can read an article taken from the March 1998 edition of Record Collector which goes into the story of the tape in detail, interviewing the seller of the tape and reviewing the songs: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Have Fun!!

This song was the 8th and final track found on Noel's 1988 demo tape and this short audio clip of the track is believed to have come from a report on the auction made by Reuters Television on the 30th April 1998, and which was broadcast on Channel 4's "The Big Breakfast" and possibly other channels on the same date, the date of the auction.

Noel's original handwritten lyrics to this song (above) have "NG DEC 88" at the bottom - possible date for the song being written?

Read an NME review of this track here and here.

The MP3 clip of "Hey You" is sometimes mis-labelled as "No Cause For Alarm" (eg. on The Burnage Years, possibly due to that song being featured in the Reuters/ITN report. However, the lyrics in the clip match the handwritten lyrics of "Have Fun!!", and the inlay card of the tape show both "Have Fun!!" and "No Cause For Alarm" as two different songs.

A huge thanks to Mr. Monobrows Oasis Demos Information Site for this summary.

ITN B-Roll:

Oasis at Manchester, England - Unknown date, around 1988 Oasis at Manchester, England - Unknown date, around 1988 Oasis at Manchester, England - Unknown date, around 1988 Oasis at Manchester, England - Unknown date, around 1988 Oasis at Manchester, England - Unknown date, around 1988 Oasis at Manchester, England - Unknown date, around 1988

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» Unknown date, around 1988 / Manchester, England «

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