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Performance Date: August 18, 1995
Title: MTV Outdoor Interview & Acoustic Sesion
Venue: Regents Park, London UK
Quality: A (TV)
Length: 5m
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
cdUndrugged (Oxygen, OXY 034)

Digital Sources

    Undrugged Track #12
  1. Don't Look Back in Anger (acoustic, cut) [1:07]
    OasisArchive Source
  1. Dont Look Back in Anger (Acoustic) [4:58]


This is the infamous version of "Don't Look Back in Anger" where Noel sings "Better than Blur, any day" and was filmed during the height of the Blur vs Oasis war of Summer 1995.

As far as we know it was never broadcast in full, but MTV did air the last 60 seconds (including the line about Blue) to accompany the interview they also shot that day.

Previously only available as a one minute clip on releases like Undrugged, the amazing Joaqim of oasisarchive.com finally managed to solve the puzzle of this performance back in 2014 and brought us the full take of the song.

OasisArchive Source:

Noel Gallagher at Regents Park, London UK - August 18, 1995 Noel Gallagher at Regents Park, London UK - August 18, 1995 Noel Gallagher at Regents Park, London UK - August 18, 1995 Noel Gallagher at Regents Park, London UK - August 18, 1995 Noel Gallagher at Regents Park, London UK - August 18, 1995 Noel Gallagher at Regents Park, London UK - August 18, 1995


Acoustic Performance

Here is some more info from the now defunct oasisarchive.com website:
Here is a short excerpt of an e-mail interview we did with photographer Trevor Ray Hart who took the pictures for the October 1995 issue of Loaded magazine. Interestingly we learned that there were in fact two shoots that day; one at the football field of Noel in the Quoasis-shirt, and later that same day of Noel in a shirt near the MTV studio.

Where did the shoot take place? Looks like a park in London, but we would love to know more specific.
The shoot took place in Regents Park. At the time Noel was living in Camden so it was a short walk to the spot where we shot the first set of images.

Do you know the date for the shoot? This has been heavily debated on Oasis forums, and you might be our best shot at finding it.
It appears to be shot on the 18th August

Did Loaded do the interview before/after MTV? was there any other press there?
The Interview was conducted by Paolo Hewitt who was a popular writer. I believe he spent the whole day with Noel so would have gone to the MTV recording too.

Anything else you can remember from the day?
Noel was very accommodating and we met up after the recording on a street close to the MTV studio to take some more shots, one of which was a cover shot and another is now in the permanent collection at the National portrait gallery in the UK.

It's worth noting that although the October 1995 article and interview talks about the Roll With It/Country House singles war with Blur in past tense, the actual photo shoot and acoustic performance took place in the midst of the war. Both singles were released on Monday 14th of August, the photo shoot and MTV performance in Regents Park took place on Friday 18th of August, and the chart results were announced on Sunday the 20th of August. Noel also spends much of the interview (and performance) poking fun at Blur, so all-in-all it fits in nicely in on the time frame. As a special bonus we have uploaded a few more excerpts from the interview with Noel Gallagher done by MTV. Not all the segments from the interview was broadcasted, but unfortunately even our in-house promo VHS is cut short. In the unlikely event that anyone out there has access to a full, unedited tape of the full interview (or knows who the interviewer is?) - please get in touch! Anyway, I think we can now close the file on this one.

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» August 18, 1995 / MTV Outdoor Interview & Acoustic Sesion / Regents Park, London UK «

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