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Performance Date: November 14, 1995
Venue: Trocardiere; Nantes, France
Length: 80m
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
cdNantes 1995 (Wardour-470 Bonus Disc)
cdrFrere Jacques

    Frere Jacques [01:18:05]
  1. The Swamp Song [3:12]
  2. Acquiesce [3:50]
  3. Supersonic [4:43]
  4. Hello [3:08]
  5. Some Might Say [5:22]
  6. Shakermaker [4:57]
  7. Roll With It [4:25]
  8. Cigarettes & Alcohol [4:34]
  9. Live Forever [4:49]
  10. Champagne Supernova [9:10]
  11. Wonderwall (acoustic) [3:51]
  12. Cast No Shadow (acoustic) [3:59]
  13. Morning Glory (acoustic) [4:03]
  14. Don't Look Back In Anger [4:36]
  15. Whatever [4:45]
  16. I Am The Walrus [8:41]
Nantes 1995
    Nantes 1995 [01:19:57]
  1. The Swamp Song [3:16]
  2. Acquiesce [3:55]
  3. Supersonic [4:49]
  4. Hello [3:13]
  5. Some Might Say [5:30]
  6. Shakermaker [5:03]
  7. Roll With It [4:31]
  8. Cigarettes & Alcohol [4:40]
  9. Live Forever [4:56]
  10. Champagne Supernova [9:22]
  11. Wonderwall (acoustic) [3:57]
  12. Cast No Shadow (acoustic) [4:05]
  13. Morning Glory [4:08]
  14. Don't Look Back In Anger [4:42]
  15. Whatever [4:53]
  16. I Am The Walrus [8:52]


Noel says "This one's called Frere Jacques" when introducing "Wonderwall"...

Frere Jacques is an rare source of this night. The common Nantes '95 bootleg is actually a fake, it is in fact Barcelona '96 (which included "Take Me Away" in the acoustic set).

Nantes 1995 is a new Japanese release from Wardour and was bundled with copies of Baltimore 1995 DAT Master as a bonus disc.

Release notes from "Navy Blue" in Japan:
OASIS --NANTES 1995 (Ltd Bonus CDR)
Bonus disc "NANTES 199" containing valuable live recordings at the theater gig held in Nantes, France on November 14, 1995, only with the first limited number sticker of the oasis "BALTIMORE 1995: DAT MASTER" Is specially attached.
La Trocardiere, Nantes, France 14th November 1995 TRULY AMAZING SOUND
The November 1995 oasis, when the giggie returned and settled in its original scabbard, opened a glorious two-day gig at Earl's Court. Therefore, it is generally thought that it was a time when the impression of joining the big name was strong (Earl's Court two days was widely reported in Japan), but that is only in the UK. On a global scale, we are still in a state where we are actually gigging at a theater class venue in France 10 days after Earl's Court. Nowadays, the impression of Earl's Court is so strong that when it comes to the sound source of November 1995, I even felt that the items were concentrated in those two days. In real time, some items that recorded the sound source after Earl's Court were released, but that is also old days. What is the precious sound source attached to the first delivery of "BALTIMORE 1995 DAT MASTER" this time! It contains an audience recording of a theater gig performed in Nantes, France (sorry, bitter smile).

It was an audience recording like the one recorded on the Cassette Walkman at that time, and there is no hope for clearness like the DAT audience that was emerging at that time. It may be said that it is a slightly rough recording. However, the sound image is surprisingly close, and Liam's voice and Noel's guitar are surprisingly on sound images, so if you are a maniac, you should rather enjoy it. Above all, it is very interesting that the gig with a homely atmosphere was performed so far in less than 10 days from that Earl's Court. It is unusual for Noel to start instrumental after introducing the song title, "The first song is'Swamp Song'" from the opening. On the other hand, in "Cast No Shadow", Noel and the audience are already in a call and response state, and more than a month has passed since the album "MORNING GLORY" was released, and it seems that it has penetrated among fans. Let me know. However, there were female fans who screamed persistently (or screaming level) between the songs, and the venue itself seemed to be lively. I said "it seems" because the balance of the sounds produced by the brothers is so great that the surrounding sounds are not picked up at all during the performance, so at first glance it seems like "Isn't it exciting?" Because it will end up. Even so, it is really interesting that the live performance with a haco-like atmosphere was held so far during the glorious period of two days of Earl's Court for the release of "MORNING GLORY". Therefore, it is different from the high tension performance like that time, but it seems that the band is also challenging the stage while relaxing at a venue of a moderate size, and the scene of Noel's song introduction heard at the beginning is that. This is the best example.

And Liam was also in great shape on this day, and he will let us hear a relaxed singing voice in a relaxed atmosphere. Attack with the singing voice of "MORNING GLORY" mode. After all, the few months remaining in 1995 after the release of the album seems to have been a special time. The audience gathered in Nantes in front of this cool singing voice may be responding with screaming. It's true that it's a rough recording (maybe it's like AM radio) that is different from the DAT recording honor student audience, but the closeness of the sound image like the one above is effective and you can fully enjoy the rare live sound source in November 1995. .. Therefore, although it is a sound source for enthusiasts, the content is the best!

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» November 14, 1995 / Trocardiere; Nantes, France «

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