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Performance Date: November 27, 1995
Broadcast #1: December 2, 1995
Title: IQ; (Pete Mitchell Show), Key 103 Radio
Venue: Key 103 Radio, Castlefield, Manchester
Quality: A+
Length: 18m
Source(s): Digital Sources
digitalMickDude's Collection [flac]

  1. Interview [4:20]
  2. Wonderwall (acoustic) [2:46]
  3. Interview [6:33]
  4. Don't Look Back in Anger (acoustic) [3:26]
  5. Bye [0:13]
Notes from MickDude:
Not sure why but the volume levels kept rising and falling throuout the duration of this recording so I've done my best to level them off. Removed a small amount of hiss although some still remains. I didn't want to spoil them too much.


Pretty speedy version of "Wonderwall". Noel finishes "Don't Look Back in Anger" with the line "...Better than Blur, any day."

Pete asks Noel about Scott's exit from the band on the US Tour and Guigsy's return to the band.

Noel reveals that Don't Look Back in Anger is being released on Jan 15, 1996 (with "Step Out" finally cleared as a b-side) and that Maine Road is "being worked on as we speak" for shows in 1996.

This show gets listed on various sites as "December 2, 1995" - was this the broadcast date? It definitely wasn't the recording date because Noel was somewhere else at the time. MickDude only listed the show as "December 1995" when he transferred his cassettes...

Noel tells Pete how "the other night" he went to one of the Bowie gigs at Wembley with Morrissey as support (which would have been November 14/15/17th or 18th) and Pete says he's going to see Bowie himself "a week on Friday" (most likely at the Nynex on December 8th) which puts the date of this recording between November 26th-30th in my book. Noel was obviosuly in Manchester for the NYNEX show on November 26th so my money is on this being recorded the next day: Nov 27th. This also fits with Noel saying that Man City were 4th from the bottom of the Premier League at the time, that was their position for Matchweek 12, 1995 (25th-27th November)

Pete Mitchell's "IQ" show was apparently broadcast on weekends on Key 103 so this might well have been Saturday, December 2nd.

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» November 27, 1995 / IQ; (Pete Mitchell Show), Key 103 Radio / Key 103 Radio, Castlefield, Manchester «

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