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Performance Date: February 9, 1996
Broadcast #1: February 9, 1996
Broadcast #2: February 16, 1996
Title: Radio Deejay Acoustic Session
Venue: Radio Deejay Studios; Rome, Italy
Quality: A+ (FM)
Length: 20m
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
cdBehind Closed Doors (Oxygen, OXY066)
cdDiamonds in the Sky (Godfather Records, GR15)
cdOnly The Strongest Will Survive (Ultimate Sound, US-11)
cdThe Legendary Unplugged Show (Vulgartone, VU600)
cdThe Secret Life of Arabia (Revolution Records, REVOLUTION01)
cdrAcoustic Rarities
cdrOasis Collection Vol.6 (Full Show)

Cassette Sources
tapeOasis Collection Vol.6 (Full Show)

The Legendary Unplugged Show
    The Legendary Unplugged Show CD Tracks #15+16
  1. Cast No Shadow [4:07]
  2. Wonderwall [4:00]
Behind Closed Doors
    Behind Closed Doors CD Tracks #10+11
  1. Cast No Shadow [4:07]
  2. Wonderwall [3:55]
The Secret Life of Arabia
    Secret Life of Arabia Track #12:
  1. Wonderwall [3:56]
Diamonds in the Sky
    Diamonds in the Sky CD Track #4
  1. Cast No Shadow [4:07]
Only The Strongest Will Survive
    Only The Strongest Will Survive CD Tracks #8+9
  1. Cast No Shadow [4:07]
  2. Wonderwall [3:56]
    Oasis Collection Vol.6 Full Interview and THREE Acoustic songs [0:20:47]
  1. Interview #1 - US Success / Will Oasis Play Australia? / How do you write your songs? [2:21]
  2. Wonderwall (Acoustic) [3:51]
  3. Interview #2 - Why do you write new B-sides? / Why "Cum on Feel tyhe Noize"? Will you collaborate with Robbie Williams? [2:32]
  4. Cast No Shadow (Acoustic) [4:10]
  5. Interview #3 - Opinion on Mike Flowers Pops / What will the new tour be like? / What are your influences? [1:40]
  6. Live Forever (Acoustic) [4:06]
  7. Interview #4 - Opinion on new Beatles releases / Favourite Oasis song / Any collaborations? / Songs you wish you'd written? / Musical planned? [2:05]


Noel only acoustic versions including a great version of Wonderwall. Various releases credit both "Wonderwall" and "Cast No Shadow" to "Italian Radio 1996" and so I'm guessing they are from this session for Radio Deejay.

2024 Update: after literally YEARS of searching (and nearly 30 years after the original performance date) I finally came across a full recording of the interview (and the THREE acoustic songs played by Noel during this session) on a bootleg cassette that looks like it was made in 1997. I had always assumed that the two recordings that had already surfaced were from Radio Deejay and that the version of "Live Forever" (labelled as "French Radio 1995") on Acoustic Rarities might also have been from this session - and this finally confirmed it. It also confirmed the date as February 9th (previously thought to be February 16th - maybe the session was broadcast over two weeks?)

In the full show Noel answers a bunch of questions typical of the era and belts out three great acoustic versions. One of my favourite acoustic versions of "Live Forever".

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» February 9, 1996 / Radio Deejay Acoustic Session / Radio Deejay Studios; Rome, Italy «

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