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Performance Date: February 22, 1996
Title: Noel guest DJing on GLR
Venue: GLR Studios, London UK
Quality: A
Length: 120m
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
2cdrNoel Galagher: GLR '96 & More
2cdrNoel Gallagher - GLR '96
2cdrThe GLR Session

Cassette Sources

  1. Noel Intro
  2. Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
  3. The Beatles - Helter Skelter
  4. Noel Comment #1
  5. Black Grape - Tramazi Panti
  6. Beastie Boys - Jimmy James
  7. Noel Comment #2
  8. Public Enemy - Fight The Power
  9. Noel Comment #3
  10. Primal Scream - Get Your Rocks Off
  11. Cast - Alright
  12. Noel Comment #4
  13. Heavy Stereo - Chinese Burns
  14. Noel Comment #5
  15. Northern Uproar - From A Window
  16. Noel Comment #6
  17. Ocean Colour Scene - Riverboat Song
  18. Paul Weller - Out Of The Sinking
  19. Dr. Robert - The Comfort Of Grace
  20. Noel Comment #7
  21. The Verve - This Is Music
  22. Noel Interviewing Digsy (from Smaller)
  23. Smaller - God I Hate This Town
  24. Noel Comment #8
  25. Noel Comment #9
  26. Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
  27. Mc5 - Future Now
  28. Noel Comment #10
  29. Digsy - He Loves You (Acoustic) Live
  30. Noel Interviewing Robbie Williams
  31. Fifth Dimension - Aquarius
  32. Fifth Dimension - Let The Sunshine In
  33. John Lennon - Imagine
  34. Wings - Jet
  35. Noel Comment #11
  36. Desmond Dekker - Come Together
  37. Noel Comment #12
  38. Stones - I Wanna Be Adored
  39. Noel Comment #13
  40. Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer
  41. Noel Comment #14
  42. Digsy - Just As Bad (Acoustic) Live
  43. Noel Comment #15
  44. The Jam - Eton Rifles
  45. The Who - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  46. Noel Comment #16
  47. Paul Weller - Down The Seine (Acoustic) Live
  48. Noel Comment #17
  49. The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
  50. Noel Outro
  51. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
  52. The Monkees - Daydream Believer
  53. Radio Jingle


Noel standing in for Gary Crowley on what became "Gallagher London Radio" for the night: (GLR 94.9)

"Good evening, it's Thursday night, it's ten o'clock, you're listening to Noel Gallagher on 94.9FM. For the next 2 hours we're going to be talking to somebody who is not very important and you're going to be listening to someone who is very important play his favourite music."

Noel's tracks include:

Anarchy in the UK (Sex Pistols)
Helster Skelter (Beatles)
Tramazi Panti (Black Grape)
Jimmy Jones (Beastie Boys) Fight the Power (Public Enemy)
Get Your Rocks Off (Primal Scream)
Alright (Cast)

Noel is then joined by Digsy (Smaller) of "Digsy's Dinner fame), and then he selects:

Chinese Burns (Heavy Stereo)
From a Window (Northern Uproar)
Riverboat Song (Ocean Colour Scene)
Out of the Sinking (Paul Weller)
The Comfort of Grace (Dr. Robert)
This is Music (Verve)

Noel then reveals Digsy used to be in a band called "Cook the Books", and plays:

God I hate this town (Smaller)
I Wanna be Your Dog (Stooges)

Digsy then plays an acoustic version of "He Loves You". Robbie Williams then joins Noel and they talk about the break-up of Take That, followed by:

Aquarious (Fifth Dimension)
Imagine (John Lennon)
Jet (Wings)
Come Togther (Desmond Dekker)
I Wanna Be Adored (Stone Roases)
Staying out for the Summer (Dodgy)

Digsy then plays an acoustic version of "Just as Bad" and Noel selects:

Eton Rifles (The Jam)
Anyway, Anhow, Anywhere (The Who)

Weller plays "Down in the Seine" (Acoustic) and Noel plays "Waterloo Sunset" (The Kinks).

Noel closes with:

"I'd like to thank everyone who's been on the show tonight. That's Diddly Digsy Dairy from Smaller, Robbie Williams from the Dole Office, and Paul Weller from the top of the tree. This is Noel Gallagher saying thanks for listening and if I didn't play your record that's because it's crap! This is "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles".

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» February 22, 1996 / Noel guest DJing on GLR / GLR Studios, London UK «

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