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Performance Date: May 9, 1996
Broadcast #1: May 10, 1996
Title: Noel and Liam with Ocean Colour Scene
Venue: Electric Ballroom; Camden, London
Quality: A-
Length: 8m
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
2cdLive at Knebworth 1996 (OACD 3-4)
3cdThe Second Summer Of Love (Flashbulb, FLBB-043/44/45/46/47/48)
3cdUltimate Homecoming Triumph CD + DVD (Flashbulb Records, FLBB039-42)
cdB-Sides, Seasides and Freerides (MCA Records, MCD 60034)
cdMTV Unplugged & More (No Label, OACD5)
cdTartan Dream (Kiss The Stone, KTS 613)
cdUnplugged Vol. 2 (Forbidden Fruit, FCD 024)

Digital Sources
digitalMickDude Archive [flac]

    MickDude Archive
  1. Live Forever (acoustic) [4:09] « audio dropout at 2:25
  2. Live Forever (acoustic) [4:09] « fixed version
Unplugged Vol.2
    Unplugged Vol.2 CD Tracks #1
  1. Live Forever (acoustic) [4:11]
MTV Unplugged and More
    MTV Unplugged and More CD Track #14
  1. Day Tripper [3:21]
Tartan Dream
    Tartan Dream CD Track #14
  1. Day Tripper [3:27]
    GlastoNewcastle CD Track #16
  1. Live Forever (acoustic) [3:45] « cut
Ripped and shared by Recchi.
Lineage: Tape > Y Cable > Live Drive Aux Inputs > Soundforge 6.0 > Wav > Flac
Live at Knebworth 1996
    Live at Knebworth 1996 CD2 Track #14
  1. Day Tripper [3:57]
Ultimate Homecoming Triumph
    Ultimate Homecoming Triumph CD4 Tracks #9+10
  1. Live Forever (acoustic) [4:09]
  2. Day Tripper [2:52]
The Second Summer of Love (Flashbulb)
    The Second Summer of Love (Flashbulb) CD2 Track #12
  1. Interview / Day Tripper / Interview [03:57]
B-Sides, Seasides and Freerides
    B-Sides, Seasides and Freerides CD Track #15
  1. Day Tripper [4:23]


Noel and Liam join Ocean Colour Scene on stage for two songs. Noel and Liam get introduced as "two kids who were hanging around saying we got no work mister".

The privately-recorded "Live Forever" was played on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show on May 10, 1996. Liam introduces the song as "This one's for everyone, who's anyone, who can be arsed to be anyone..." The MickDude Archive version is much brighter and clearer compared to the version on Unplugged Vol.2

The pitch on the GlastoNewcastle source is too high and it's cut at the end.

You can hear Chris Evans credit the track at the end of "Daytripper" on MTV Unplugged and More, this was definitely recorded off-air.

Fascinating hearing the private recordings vs. the final version mixed by Brendan Lynch on B-Sides, Seasides and Freerides.

Noel brings a CD of the mixed version to Jo Whiley's Evening Session show on August 20, 1996, which is the source for the version on Knebworth 1996.

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» May 9, 1996 / Noel and Liam with Ocean Colour Scene / Electric Ballroom; Camden, London «

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