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Performance Date: July 14, 1995
Venue: Irvine Beach, Scotland
Source(s): Audio CD/CDR Sources
2cdGlastonbury 1995 (Bayswater bw-164/165)
3cd(What's The Story?) Morning Glory: "Chasing The Sun" Remaster (Big Brother, RKIDCD73X)

Digital Sources
digitalSlane Castle 1995 (2023 Thieving Magpie Remaster) [flac]

    FLAC Source
  1. Rock n Roll Star [5:49]
    Taper Notes:
    "Extremely rare soundboard. This has been on youtube but this is a rip from the master tape, this is the only time it has surfaced in lossless form. This is also the only track to ever surface from this show. Great sound quality"
Slane Castle 1995 (Thieving Magpie Remaster 2023)
    Slane Castle 1995 "2023 Thieving Magpie Remaster" (Bonus Track #15)
  1. Rock n Roll Star [5:49]
(What's The Story) Morning Glory:
    (What's The Story) Morning Glory? Chasing The Sun 2014 Reissue
  1. Some Might Say [5:06] « Mis-labelled as Roskilde Festival '95, actually this date
  2. Hello [3:23] « NOT Roskilde Festival '95, actually this date
Glastonbury 1995 (Bayswater, bw-164/165)
    Glastonbury 1995 (Bayswater bw-164/165) CD2 Track #9
  1. Rock n Roll Star [5:49]


A remastered/remixed version was also bundled as a bonus track on the Thieving Magpie 2023 Remaster of Slane Castle 1995.

In 2014 the band released (What's The Story) Morning Glory? Chasing The Sun 2014 Reissue with the following bonus tracks billed as live at Roskilde Festival: "Some Might Say", "Hello", "Roll With It" and "Morning Glory". Only the final two tracks actually are from Roskilde Festival. In this thread by the knowledgable joakim at the L4e Forum it is debated which gig "Some Might Say" and "Hello" were actually taken from, but you can tell they weren't from Roskilde from the pre-song banter which is clearly missing from the audience-shot video recording:
  • "Some Might Say" - Liam intro: "This one's our really big like Number 1, d'you know what I mean like so thanks for getting it there - Some Might Say". Liam gets the order of the verses wrong and apologises mid-song. At the end he says "Hats off to every one of you". Liam's vocals in the chorus have a delay effect only used at a handful of gigs during 1995.
  • "Hello" - Liam intro: "This is a new one called Hello". At the end of the song Liam muses "It's better than fucking Glastonbury this... Innit, Innit, Innit? And there's not a long haired person in sight..."

This same quote is mentioned in the following gig review:
Oasis at Irvine Beach, Scotland - July 14, 1995

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» July 14, 1995 / Irvine Beach, Scotland «

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